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04 October 2015 @ 03:20 am
*brushes dust off of her journal* I'm back--actually back.  
So, school's been eating me alive, especially as I'm trying to balance my treatments with classes.

But I realized that I was becoming depressed and isolated and, frankly, needed my online time. (Among other things.)

So not only am I back posting but--because I'm finally able to--I am reading my FList as of today on my DW and LJ. I may miss an entry here or there, but yes, I'm reading it.

I'll be even better with it come November; that's when Walmart's optical center starts offering anti-blue light coating on lenses for glasses. Which turns out to be exactly what I need to be able to read things like my FList without the problems I've been having.

(If you don't know about the problems of too much blue light, which every screen (computer, TV, smart phone, etc) produces, let me know and I'll write a post about it, and the health problems it causes.)

I'm also back to writing fanfic. And RP--Steph, I'm so sorry, I had a migraine and then die-off that was bad enough I literally couldn't move. First thing tomorrow, tagging you.

And I'll be unlocking my fic entries here, as well as linking to all of them, as I post them, on AO3.

So! What have I missed? What's up with all of you? Share things!

I am vast, I contain multitudes--or at least a multitude of accounts on a multitude of sites! And I'm cross-posting over from one of them right now! Thanks, DreamWidth, where this entry was originally posted at http://fire-and-a-rose.dreamwidth.org/36767.html! If you want to see comments on the original post, go here, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments!
Alex W_______g aka Simon DelMontesdelmonte on October 4th, 2015 10:11 am (UTC)
Hey you! Been wondering how you have been doing. Glad that you are finding a little time to get back online.

We have been incredibly busy with all the Jewish holidays, which continue tonight. They've been okay, though Batya was sick for Rosh Hashanah, and we have both had colds for parts of Sukkot. But overall we are well.
Fair Witness: Ashfair_witness on October 4th, 2015 11:32 am (UTC)
Hey there!

Not much is different here. Working, knitting, spinning ... y'know, just living my life.
desert_vixen: thornydesert_vixen on October 4th, 2015 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yay! We have missed you (and you're back just in time for YT).

Glad the problems can be alleviated.
the blue rose who kept her thornsfire_and_a_rose on October 6th, 2015 12:22 am (UTC)
*glomps* Hi! We have fic to write, and I've missed you!

*sighs* I can't do YT this year. I submitted my fic last year, but apparently it didn't go through. .no might have a few days left to write something. Let me check the email.
the blue rose who kept her thornsfire_and_a_rose on October 6th, 2015 12:24 am (UTC)
Actually, I've got until the 15! I can still write a something and then be eligible for YT. :D
the blue rose who kept her thorns: misc: Peacefire_and_a_rose on November 5th, 2015 08:08 am (UTC)
* sighs* I had to deal with the state and my aides not showing up.

Meaning I didn't get the fic done. No YT for me, which has me quite depressed.

But I can next year!

(Feel up for a call Friday or this weekend?(